Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our 3rd Year And We Are Still Here ......

Here we are another year in our quite little town on the coast of Washington, otherwise know as Grayland, "Mayberry of the coast and Washington Best Kept Secret". This year has been really exciting for us, so much as gone on and time has flown by, I can't believe we are in 2010 already.

First we have new neighbors across the street. Gary and Diane Johnson bought the little cottage motel that is located just across the street from our store. "Ocean Spray Beach Resort", they have turned this little run down cottage's into a really nice place to stay. Each one individually decorated with ocean themes, freshly painted inside and out. They put all new beds & linen in all the cabin's and put fireplaces in them also. Now they are slowly replacing all the furniture and appliances. Our two business compliment each other, with new paint, flowers planted everywhere and a real beachy friendly atmosphere, showing that we as new business owners and new residences of this community and that we really care about it and how it looks. I think Gary and Diane are fast becoming very good and lifelong friends. "Welcome Neighbors".

The second thing that has happened here in Grayland that is really cool. The windmills have come to our town. Yes you have heard that right. The Great Grayland Windmill Project is now completed in Grayland. We were so excited to hear about the project and where it was being built. Every day for 4 months the trucks were hauling large pieces of windmill's up to the top of the hill behind us and constructing (4) large Windmills, which were turned on two weeks ago and are now running. You can see those from the beach and driving down SR 105. They are just down and above County Line Road, which is less then a mile from our store. I can't wait for them to start doing tours of the windmills.

The third thing that happened here is that our 2nd year ended better then the last. We have blown our expectations out of the water and are way ahead of any goal we made for ourselves this pass year. So of course I'm setting up some new goals for our store.

This year we are caring lots of beach toys, balls, kites, games etc., We have more snacks then before, but have cut down the actual food end of the groceries. We have decided that we still need to carry a larger selection of camping supplies, but our automotive supply are really good, we carry everything one might need.

There is so much we could do with this place and so many avenues to take, it is hard to decide. Our space is limited, but we now are know as the most everything store and let's now forget our clothing line.

Like I had mentioned last year we still are in the learning process and we have had our moments of good and bad, but there is no other place I would rather be then right here, right now. I have made many, many new life long friends, it beautiful beyond anyones expectations here and the climate agrees with me. Even though we are forever remodeling something here, this is our home. Right now Greg is working on the apartment that is attached to the store, so we may be able to use it one day:) and really call it our home.

But until then we will continue to be happy in life, as I hope you are. So remember if you are traveling our way, just stop by, have a cup of coffee and talk for a spell. We you would love to share a few tails or two and if you need a place to spend the night I know of a really great cottage across the street.

Your's Always
Greg & Connie Seth

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Been Over A Year & Were Still Here 2009 Update

It's been over a year and were still here.

Sorry to report nothing really has changed in our sleepy little town of Grayland, otherwise know as "Mayberry" of the coast, "Washington's Best Kept Secret". The resident's of Grayland turn out to be very genuine, good hearted people. During our first year we have meet some of the most wonderful individuals, who have began as customer and have fast became dear friends to Greg and I. We don't miss the fast pass of the city and all that traffic, but we do miss our friends and family every day and we think of you often.

Our very first year ended on October 31 and by the 2008 years end our goals and expectation were exceeded. So all in all it turned out to be a good first year, with many, many lesson learned for the future and years to come.

In 2009 we are hoping to add new things to our store. We are now stocking our shelves with Grayland souvenirs and trinkets along with a wide variety of games and toys, including balls, Frisbees, kites etc., but let's not forget our four legged friends that love to visit the beach, we have a variety of balls, treats and a leash if needed for your safety.

We have also expanded and carry more items with the weekend campers in mind. An extra pillow, blanket or sleeping bags are in our stock of items. RV chemicals, toilet paper, hoses, fuses and adapters are just a few of the supplies already in our store. We want to be know as the camper's friendly store. Having what is needed for our weekend guest, in addition to what is needed to our local everyday customers as well.

Like I said before, we are still in the learning process of running this store and if there is anything that you would like to see, please let us know. We would be more then happy to accommodate your requests

Another area that we are considering expanding is our automotive isle. We presently carry AC Delco batteries for Vehicle, RV and Marine, in addition to oil, fuses, car wash, but we would like to carry an assortment of commonly used oil filters, spark plugs, some belts etc. Greg is going to have to talk with Seattle Automotive, our previously employer on what would work best on a smaller scale. The nearest parts automotive shop is in Aberdeen and we feel this would be a good move for our little store.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Remember if your ever in Grayland, please don't hesitate to stop in and stay hi. We always have a warm cup of coffee waiting.

Very Truly Your
Constance Seth
Grayland Grocery

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life Long Dreams Do Come True

Welcome All to Grayland Grocery, located at 1756 State Route 105, Grayland, Washington ........ where "Life is better at the beach - Come join us".....

My name is Connie Seth. My husband Greg and I have been coming to the Grayland beach area for over 34 years. During the course of our 34 year marriage, we often wondered what we might do in our later years, you know once our children were all married, grown or gone, with a life of their own.

One of the many things we often ponder was to own our own business, either here in Grayland, or somewhere close by, near our vacation property. Often on a Friday night, as we turned the corner onto Cranberry Beach Road, as we headed toward our trailer for a weekend of relaxation, we commented on how much we would like to own the store that was located on the corner called "Grayland Grocery".

Throughout the years this store fell into disarray, and thats putting it kindly and was put up for sale the summer of 2007. We decided even in the shape that it was in, we still wanted to buy it. We knew it was going to take a lot of hard work, but hard work we were willing to do. We felt it could be brought back, into what it once was many years ago, so we made an offer to the owners to buy it. In September the sale closed and we began work on this little run down grocery store in the heart of Grayland Washington.

This is just a few pictures how the store looked when we purchased it.

So with a scrub brush and bleach in one hand and a paint brush in the other we began to build our dream and began a new chapter in our life.

The first weekend that we began work we had help from our daughter Melinda and her friend Matt. We all worked very hard that weekend just cleaning the dirt

off the shelves, mopping the floors and tossing out trash, garage and personal items that were left by the previous owners.

I would have to say I never seen my youngest ever work so hard. She is so excited for her parents to take on something this big and out of the usual for us. She keeps in touch with us from the Redmond area weekly and makes an occasional trip down to visit, help out where needed and see all the improvements we have made since the last time she was down.

We worked for six (6) weeks, cleaning and painting of the all walls, ceiling and shelving, including the walk in cooler

The picture above shows us replacing damaged subfloor and installed new floor tiles. The picture to the right is Greg replaceing damaged ceiling tiles.

We also put in a new door between storage room and store, replaced lighting in the store as shown below and are in the process of changing all lighting in the entire building.

So within a few short weeks from the day we set foot in Grayland Grocery on September 15, 2007, the store was ready for business. Our stock at that time was limited to candy, pop, bread, milk and snacks, the beer and wine license had not been issued yet, but we still wanted to get the store opened.

We reopened the doors for business on October 31, 2007 and our beer & wine license was approved by the last week in November, we were then really ready with stocked.

Once again Grayland Grocery is now a clean, bright, warm and welcoming little grocery store
that you as a customer would be comfortable to shop in.

We carry an assortment of pop, chips, snacks, candy, beer, wine, groceries, health & beauty products, including Avon.

We will always have a good supply of ice always on hand at $1.39 per bag and for your convenience we also carry camping & automotive supplies, including generators, and batteries.

In addition to the usual sundries, we carry VHS Videos that rent for $.99 per day and DVD for $2.99 per day. We also offer local hand crafted gift items throughout our store, made right here in Grayland.

So whether you just passing by and need directions, or your planning on staying for a few days and need suggestions on a good places to stay the night and a good place to eat a good hot meal, just stop by and say hi to Greg and I. We are opened daily at 7:30am, where you will always find a warm smile, good conversation and a fresh hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and fresh muffins, donuts & pastries.

Life is better at the beach – Come join us
Very Truly – Greg & Connie Seth - Owners.